Stars Shine Down

This one is one of Sidney Sheldon’s classic thrillers and a break from Harry Potter. This is one of those books that tells a story of a characters personal growth and is very inspiring and of course a thriller. Readers of this novel will tell you its a must read.

The novel describes a 17-year old girl, Lara who has a hate relationship with her Dad because no matter how much she wants to impress and love him, he always passes on stinging remarks about her. After her Dad passes away, she dreams of erecting a building in a nearby spot from where she currently lived in a boarding house. Eventually she materialized her dream and that was how she got into real estate business.

She also aged and became a beautiful lady and everyone was mesmerized at the first glance. Contract after contract, she became richer and richer. Moving from one city to the next, constructing many beautiful buildings, she was successful and became a self-made billionaire. Of course, she had help all along. She also came across her soul mate while travelling, who happened to be a pianist. They fell in love and married each other. Yet they were from different backgrounds, one erecting high rise and the other engrossed in music.

But nothing lasts forever and as the contract is not met within deadline, Lara’s empire comes crashing down and her financial partners abandon her in this time of need. To make matters worse, she wants to break up with her husband. Can she stabilize her life to what it was like before? Read the book to find out.



Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince

The next book on the series of Harry Potter is Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. This book also got title of the enthralling international bestseller. Continuing the story, the ministry finally accepts the truth about Voldemort as the minister himself sees him with his own eyes.

The story starts with an intro story where the muggle’s minister gets a visit from the minister of magic and he recalls all his past arrivals. He also finds out that the former minister has been sacked and a new minister ‘Rufus Scrimgeour’ is introduced.

Again, another side story finds us in the house of Snape as he takes the unbreakable vow to save Draco Malfoy.

Harry is at his aunt’s house for the summer eagerly waiting for Dumbledore’s arrival. Dumbledore arrives and has a little chat with the Dursleys while Harry is getting ready. Dumbledore takes Harry to a muggle house where his old colleague currently has possession of the house. Harry manages to persuade Slughorn to resume his position as a teacher at Hogwarts. After that, Dumbledore leaves Harry at the burrow, telling him to be careful at all times.

Harry meets his friends Ron and Hermione at the burrow and has a lovely summer. He tails Draco while they are at diagon alley and ends up in knockturn alley. There, they eavesdrop on the conversation and Harry is led to believe that Draco is now a deatheater.

At the Hogwarts express, Harry again uses his invisibility cloak to eavesdrop on Malfoy but this time his is petrified by Malfoy to be rescued by Tonks. At Hogwarts, he suddenly excels at potions using the book of the half blood prince. He wins the bottle of liquid luck. He also made the quidditch captain of Gryffindor team. He has trials conducted at the quidditch stadium and Ron manages to get in the team out of sheer luck and a little help from Hermione.

In this way, life goes on for Harry. Amid the long assignments, lessons with Dumbledore, and quidditch practice, Harry harvests a secret crush for Ginny. Find out more about Harry through books or movies, although movies are not even half as good as the books.

Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix

The next book in the Harry Potter series is Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix. This book was awaited passionately as Voldemort had just risen again and the readers were intrigued about what would happen next.

So Harry was back at his aunt’s house again for the summer. Ron had invited Harry but Harry got very few letters from anyone he knew. Harry had a distressing first month of the summer, trying to catch news of any activity. Also, the ministry of magic had chosen not to trust Dumbledore and Harry about Voldemort hence The Daily Prophet could not write anything.

To make things worse, dementors attacked Harry and Dudley while they were out and Harry had to cast patronus to keep the dementors away. Harry got a letter from ministry saying he was expelled. But Dumbledore’s intervention saw Harry’s expulsion reduced to a hearing. Mad eye Moody and his gang came and rescued Harry from his aunt and uncle and took him to number 12 Grimauld place. It was the headquarters of the Order and also Sirius’ childhood house. While there, Harry learned through elders that Voldemort was looking for a weapon which would make him powerful than he already was. The elders refrained from saying what they knew.

During his stay, Harry contributed to cleaning the house an making it fit to live. The came when Harry was to return back to Hogwarts. This was done through heavy security which made Harry feel like he was treated like a child. At Hogwarts, he started off at the wrong foot with the new Defense against the dark arts teacher Umbridge and soon got detention. Through series of detentions, quidditch practice, assignments and secret crushes, Harry’s life went on.

There is much more to come including the formation of the DA, fearful dreams, lovers spat and the adventure to the ministry. Do read the book for more of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

Onward with Harry Potter Series, the next book is Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. This book was termed as ‘the magnificent best seller’ during its release. This book sees Harry off to Hogwarts for his fourth year of magical education.

After the completion of his third year, Harry is back in his aunt’s house at privet drive. Ron had promised Harry he would invite him to the burrow and they would go to the quidditch world cup together. A letter came to Harry and to uncle Vernon. When the Weasley’s came, they managed to destroy half of uncle Vernon’s living room. Soon, Harry was back at the burrow and eagerly waiting for the world cup between Ireland and Bulgaria. Arthur Weasley had managed to procure first class seats for everybody. The world cup was won by Ireland but Victor Krum of Bulgaria managed to win everyone’s heart.

After the world cup, everyone went back to their tent. There was dancing and singing all around. Suddenly, everything turned to chaos as a group of deatheaters started to attack muggles. The aurors managed to get everyone to safety but there was a dark mark in the sky (Voldemort’s mark).

The day was eventful for Harry because he was nearly accused for creating the dark mark. Summer holidays came to an end and they were aboard the Hogwarts express. At Hogwarts, Tri-wizard tournament was going to be held after many years and three schools were going to participate. Everyone above the age of seventeen and wishing to participate could put their names in the goblet. At the results, the goblet declared the champion of drumstrang to be Victor Krum, Fleur to represent beauxbatons and Cedric to represent Hogwarts. But suddenly the fire in the goblet turned red and Harry’s name came spitting out of the fire. There was confusion all around. Who put Harry’s name in the fire and Why? Read the book to learn more.

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azakaban

The next book in the series of Harry Potter is Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azakaban. The third installment was eagerly awaited by Harry Potter fans around the world as the two previous books were bestsellers in their own times. Here is the summary of the third book without any major spoilers.

Harry Potter is not a normal kid. He does not like his birthdays, he cannot even do his homework whenever he pleases at his uncle’s house. So, he has to stay up till very late to finish his assignments for Hogwarts, his school of witchcraft and wizardry. Harry, who has to get his form signed by his guardian, agrees to behave himself in front of his aunt Marge but things go sour as Marge, in alcoholic stupor, makes Harry angry and without Harry’s knowing, he blows up his aunt Marge to the size of a balloon. Not wanting to wait for ministry of magic officials to seize him, he packs his bag and goes out of the house. He sees a big black dog and nearly gets trampled by a bus called The Knight Bus. Harry travels to the leaky cauldron and gets face to face with the ministry of magic. But instead of reprimanding Harry, he arranges a place to stay and buys all his books.

Harry meets his friend Hermione, Ron and his family in diagon alley and stays with them until its time to return to Hogwarts. But before he can board the train, Arthur Weasley, Ron’s dad, warns Harry saying that the notorious mass murderer, Sirius Black, who killed thirteen people with a single curse, escaped from his prison just to kill Harry.

Also, elder peoples (his teachers and mentors) increasingly try to protect Harry so he is not allowed to visit Hogsmead. Harry is warned by many not to go looking for trouble. Why would Harry go looking for trouble, or in this case Sirius Black, if he wants to kill Harry? Is there something Harry does not know? Or has the trouble found Harry already? Read the book to learn more.


Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets

Here is the next book in the series of Harry Potter. Its has been long in coming because there were other books to indulge in. Last time, we left Harry in his aunt’s home, desperately waiting for the trip back to Hogwarts. To continue:

Harry Potter can’t wait to get back to Hogwarts. There are a few things nagging in his mind. The fact that Harry has not received a single letter from his friends has made him contemplate that his last year at Hogwarts was just a dream.

But things change rapidly, while Harry was not supposed to make any noise and stay in his room all evening, a mysterious visitor, a house-elf named dobby plops up in his bed. He warns Harry that bad things are about to happen at school and he must not return to Hogwarts. Harry does not even wish to think on that subject. He declines so dobby causes an uproar which leads to serious actions from his uncle (locked in his room) and the ministry of magic (a warning that he must not use magic outside of school). But Ron turns up at night in his flying car Ford Anglia with Fred and George and whisks Harry away to the Burrow where he enjoys the rest of the summer with Ron and his family.

Harry returns to Hogwarts with Ron in a flying car and severely damages the ancient tree Whomping Willow (for more details read the book). He lands in trouble the first moment he in the school. Things don’t go too smoothly in the school because Harry starts hearing things that other people can’s. Filch the caretaker’s cat Mrs. Norris gets petrified and the message “The Chamber of secrets has been opened, enemies of the heir, beware…” and people begin to turn to stones. And to top it up, Harry is getting all the blame.

Read the book for the full version because I don’t want to spoil the fun, I’m ending it here.

The Pelican Brief

The Pelican Brief is one of my favorite lawyers suspense novel. Also, it is written by one of the best writers in this genre, John Grisham. John Grisham is an attorney himself and became famous in writing legal thrillers when his first book A Time To Kill became a global sensation.

The book begins with the assassination of two Supreme Court Justices, by the names of Rosenberg and Jensen. The police or anyone concerned can see no connection between the two, nor can they speculate as to why either would be killed–Rosenberg was about to die of old age, and Jensen never had his own point of view. The FBI and the CIA are involved heavily but can find no leads. The list of suspects seems far too obvious, and proves to be filled with dead-ends. However, Darby Shaw a law student of Tulane, begins an investigation of her own. She searches for the record of Rosenberg and Jensen, trying to find out why they had been murdered. In her research, she not only finds out why, but she finds out who put the assassin behind them and their political status. She collects the information and puts them together making a brief called pelican’s brief.

Darby gives a copy to Thomas Callahan, her professor and lover, who gives it to his friend in the FBI. The copy reaches the vice president and president through head of FBI. Soon after Thomas Callahan is killed in a car bomb blast meant for Darby. Thereafter, Darby knows she is being hunted due to her Pelican Brief. After going on the run, Darby speaks with Verheek, arranging to meet him for FBI protection. He too, is killed, by the notorious assassin Khamel.

After running and hiding for days, Darby contacts Gray Grantham of  the Washington Post, and together, they try to expose the real culprit and save their own lives in the process.

Morning, noon and night.

This is my fourth weeks blog. As mentioned in my previous weeks blog, I was reading Morning, Noon and Night by Sidney Sheldon. This is the review of the book so here it is.

The author of this book, Sidney Sheldon, relished in his art of capturing his readers minds from the start of the book to the finish. His writing style is fit for his thrilling novels and uses crime and suspense as a main theme in most of his books. He began writing romantic thrillers at the late age of 50 and became very successful. He is currently the seventh best selling fiction writer of all time and is one of my best authors.

The book starts off with the introduction to Harry Stanford, a billionaire and business tycoon and how he managed to be such a big success coming from a middle class family. As the story progresses Harry dies leaving his immense wealth to three of his children, two sons Tyler and Woodrow Stanford, and a daughter Kendall Stanford. But Harry had an illegitimate child through a governess of the household which led to the suicide of Harry’s wife. Due to this reason, his children had hated him all their teenage, and now adult, lives. Harry, being a heartless father, tried to take their minds off him by sending them to different boarding schools. But they hated him nonetheless. So, as soon as they heard of their father’s will, they were overjoyed rather than sorry for their fathers wealth because they would be inheriting a fortune as well as the Stanford enterprise. But of course, Julia Stanford, the illegitimate child of Harry Stanford also had a claim to the wealth. So, when Julia arrived on the doorstep, none of the Stanford children were too pleased. Was she the real Julia or just a hoax, trying to get rich? This is not even the real suspense of the story. Readers should be ready for a very Sidney Sheldon-like twist at the end.

This is it. I would really recommend Sidney Sheldon to avid readers (unless they already have, more likely) because these are the books that really touches you from within. Apart from this, Sidney Sheldon has written many more best selling books. He died sadly in 2007, so there are finite numbers of his master pieces. I have also read his other equally thrilling books( Master of The Game, The Stars Shine Down and The Other Side of Midnight). I am currently reading Mario Puzo’s The Sicilian which could be on the next blog. So stay tuned. 

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone

Hey readers, this is my post for the third week. The previous post was dedicated to how I started reading books. So, Harry Potter was the book that inspired me into this habit. This week’s post is the review of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, the first in the series.

J.K. Rowling starts the book in a very typical way. The readers begin their introduction to the magical world through the Dursleys (Ironically). This particular day, Vernon Dursley, husband of Petunia Dursley and father to Dudley Dursley, gets ready to go to his office. On his way, he notices some peculiar things around him that makes him very uneasy. Owls flying in the sky in pure daylight, cats reading newspapers, and grown men wearing funny looking robes. But nothing shakes him out of his wits as when he overhears two grown men (in robes) talking about the subject of Harry his nephew. A very interesting development indeed.

As it turns out, that day Harry’s parents, Lilly and James potter, had been killed and Dumbledore had arranged for Harry to stay with his aunts. The next day, as Aunt Petunia saw Harry and screamed, Harry’s life changed. In 10 years from that fateful day, Harry grew in the household of the Dursley’s who despised him through no fault of Harry’s. He was scolded by his aunt, treated like a servant and he was bullied upon by Dudley, who was unnaturally large going by his age. So Harry wished there was someone who would rescue him from this hellhole. Then came Dudley’s eleventh birthday. The day was very eventful because Harry somehow managed to set a Boa constrictor on his cousin on the zoo.

But things really started to change for Harry in his eleventh birthday. Uncle Vernon had driven all the way to a beach due to constant letters for Harry from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There, Hagrid turned up carrying Harry’s letter and forcing into the muggles (non-magical people) the fact that Harry belonged to the magical world. Harry also knew about his parents’ murder and how he had gotten his scar. But another completely different world awaited him, he had never dreamed of it. The next day Harry traveled to Diagon alley with Hagrid to buy books and stuff for his first term at Hogwarts. There he asked Hagrid about the wizard who had killed his parents and came to learn his name (Voldemort). The first day of Hogwarts arrived and The Dursley’s left Harry at King’s Cross station. There, he was helped by one of the wizarding family, the Weasley’s. Molly Weasley showed Harry how to get through the platform while Ron Weasley and Harry really hit it off on the first day and became friends.

Harry, along with the other first years were ferried across the lake to Hogwarts’s grounds by Hagrid. Harry had never seen anything like Hogwarts, with all its towers, turrets, courtyards, lake and the Forrest. At Hogwarts, Harry was sorted at Gryffindor, one of the four houses of Hogwarts. Lessons soon began and Harry found out he was like any other wizard of his age. Time went on and he was soon accustomed at Hogwarts.

That is it for today. I really don’t want to reveal the main story line so I have left many things out of here. So, currently I am reading Sidney Sheldon’s Morning, Noon and Night. If I finish it in time, the next blog will be about it. So stay tuned.

Harry Potter – The journey begins

Welcome readers, this is my second week’s blog. Today, the blog is about how I started reading books and the book which inspired me into loving literature.

I was in seventh grade. The much-awaited Dashain vacation was on its way. Only a few days remaining until a month long freedom so of course I was anxious for it to begin. Then one day, about two days before the start of the vacation, my father asked me whether I would like to read Harry Potter book series. My parents knew I liked to read children’s stories then. I said OK without giving it a single thought (I had not seen the films then). Then at dinner, my mother asked me the same thing. I again said OK. The next day, I came home after school and found the first three Harry Potter books in my desk. They each were about 300-400 pages long. At night, before going to sleep, I leafed through each books and started reading Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone. The first chapter was like any other novel, lot of conversations (between Dumbledore and McGonagall) that the readers neither understand nor want to miss. Then I came upon the second chapter and the magic really started to happen.

From the second chapter onward, everything about the book was amazing. I read up to chapter six. I didn’t want to put the book down but it was late so I went to sleep. The next day, last day of the school before the vacation. I went home and found the rest of the seven books. And man oh man, they were big. The next four books could be used as weapons. They were 600-800 paged books. And I found myself thinking whether I could finish this in one month or not. I finished it in one and a half months. That was one of the best one and a half months for me. The books were just so engrossing I would sit up very late in the night just to read. One day I started reading at 10 pm and I was thinking of going to sleep, that’s when I heard the morning alarm. It was 5 in the morning already.

That was how my journey as a book lover began. I read the Harry Potter books again and again. The films were a big disappointment and every Harry Potter fan knows that. This is it for week 2. Nitwit blubber oddment tweak.